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SSI Performance Freediver

(Level 3) - 490 USD


SSI Performance Freediver course focuses on depths between 30-40 meters.


This course is for the diver who has already completed the Advance Freediver program and has logged 30 or more Freedive sessions and regularly diving to the depths 25-30 m.
Freediving level 3 focuses on depths between 30-40 m and advancing and refining your equalization techniques, Level 3 also introduces : the single mouth-fill for deeper dives; advanced training, and ways of improving an already well developed style, or technique that extending your breath-hold times, level 3 also delves into relaxation methods, deep diving psychology and positive motivation.
Because flexibility is the key to deeper Freediving, level 3 will introduce pre-dive stretching preparation and introduce yoga and relaxation techniques.
The shallow water blackout and O2 level drop is covered in greater detail, as is proper breathe-up and recovery breathing. The SWB rescue depth is increased to 20 m and there will be minimum requirements to be met involving watermanship skills.
Pool training and advanced CO2 tables to further your Apnea skills will be introduced, explained and practiced, together with advanced dive planning, rigging and trip planning.
The “Maximum Attempt” will be performed in Static, Depth and Dynamic, and FRC diving will be practiced to help flexibility and equalization techniques.

Also one of the requirements to enroll in this course is to take the emergency first response course-React Right.

Content of course:

6 open water sessions

2 pool sessions

Mouth-fill equalization method

Advanced stretching for lungs and thorax

FRC or exhale dive

Rescue and insuring technique in deep Freediving

Rope managing, setting up the buoy

Dynamic and static apnea

Deep diving

What the price include?

       SSI Standard Digital Manual all languages

       Digital SSI international Certification


       Underwater photo

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