SSI Level 2 course- 340 USD


The level 2 course is for the diver who has already completed the SSI Freediving level 1 program and has logged 8 or more Freedive sessions and is now comfortable in the water and regularly diving to the depths of 15-20 m.

Thr course lasts 3 days.

The course includes the theoretical and practical ways on the land, pool and open water sessions.

Work on longer breath-holds, understand how to use changes in buoyancy during a dive to be more efficient in free- falling, learn new training methods such as CO2 training table.

SSI Freediving Level 2 course takes 3 days and focuses on depths between 20-30 meters, Learn advanced “Frenzel” equalization techniques. Exercises for thoracic stretching and flexibility. Improve your freediving techniques and further knowledge of Mammalian dive reflex.

1 st day - start 9 am with theory class and pool session.       

2 nd day- start 7:15 with trip by the boat to Hon Mun island for 2 open water sessions, pool session.

3 rd day - start 7:15 with boat trip to Hon Mun island area for 2 open water sessions, exam in afternoon.   


Content of course:


Advanced Freediving equipment

Advanced Freediving physiology

Breathing for freediving- revision

Buoyancy: positive, neutral, negative
Advanced Equalization Techniques: frenzel maneuver

The lungs and the Residual volume

Thoracic stretching

Freediving Safety RRR

Breathe- hold training

Buddy System

Warm-Up and Preparation for Freediving

Breathing session


2 pool sessions

4 open water sessions

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       SSI Standard Digital Manual all languages

       Digital SSI international Certification


       Underwater photo