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1 day course



You thought about freediving but you aren’t sure if it is for you or you have limited time in Vietnam? 

We offer a 1-day course as an introduction to freediving. It is also the first day of our Level 1 freediving program so you can also continue with the full free diving course as you may find that you fall totally in love with this activity. You can choose after this first day experience so it a good way to try and keep your options open.

The course includes theoretical and practical session. The topics which you will learn during the session include breathing, equalization.

During the open water session you will go in the ocean with you instructor to practice Freediving techniques and explore you new abilities while diving on a one single breath. You will practice in the water effective equalization technique, proper breathing before and after the dive, etc. You will definitely feel yourself more confident and relaxed after the session and will have lot of fun while exploring underwater marine life of Hon Mun Island.

Take this introduction to freediving to open the door of a new realm of peace and freedom. Vietnam, Nha Trang offers the perfect backdrop to freediving. 

Content of course:

Theory: pressure change and type of equalization technique, breathing.

Breathing session

2 Open water sessions, depths 5-10 m

Price includes:

       SSI Standard Digital Manual all languages

       Digital SSI international Certification


       Underwater photo

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