SSI Freediving Level 1 course - 250 USD

       Level 1 is 2 days basic course for everyone. From people with a lot of experience in the water to those with almost none, this course is an important introduction to the silent world of freediving.

       You are going to have 2 full days of study.
       The course includes the theoretical and practical ways on the land, pool and open water sessions.

       We are going to dive with constant weight using fins and dip following the line to the maximum depth of 20 meters. Majority of the students can go as deep as 10-20m just after the first course. The skills you will get during this course will help you to reach this depth in the safest and most comfortable way.

       Open water session will be finished with freediving on the coral reef with rich underwater life.
       1 st day - start 9 am with theory class and 2 pool sessions.
       2 nd day- start 7:15 with trip by the boat to Hon Mun island for 2 open water sessions.

       exam in afternoon.
   Content of course:

Theory: equipment, physiology of freediving, pressure and kind of equalization technique, breathing, safety and freediving rescue skills

Breathing session


Shallow water training

Deep water sessions

    What the price include?

       SSI Standard Digital Manual all languages

       Digital SSI international Certification


       Underwater photo