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       MERMAID course 210 usd



Mermaid course is 2 days basic course
The course includes the theoretical and practical ways on the classroom and pool.
1 st day- start 9 am at the classroom for the theoretical Classes and 2 pool sessions.
2 nd day- start at 9 am for 2 pool sessions.
At the end of the course we take am exam.
   Course content:
Pressure and depth
   Waters Effwect on our body
   Mermaid equipment
   Mermaid skills


    What the price include?

       SSI Standard Digital Manual all languages

       Digital SSI international Certification

       Rent equipment

       Underwater photo

     Tales of mermaids and mermen – mythical marine creatures with the head and torso of a human and the lower half of a fish – have been part of human folklore for thousands of years. The stories are believed to have appeared in ancient Assyria, although every region of the world has its version of mermaids in folklore.
    Mermaids have gained popularity in recent years, with numerous mermaid stories depicted in cinema and television. In the early 2000s, keen mermaid swimmers began to develop their own mermaid equipment, and since 2010, mermaid swimming has attracted both recreational swimmers and professional performers. With its increased popularity, organizations like SSI introduced certi cations to ensure that swimmers have the knowledge and training necessary to enjoy mermaid activities safely. To safely enjoy your mermaid training, you must know what happens to your body when you dive below the surface, and must be follow the Rules for Safe Swimming at all times. 


The maximum depth for your Mermaid Training is 5 meters

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