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DEEP PEOPLE Freediving School was found in 2014 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Since then, we have been teaching people who are passionate about the ocean. We teach how to dive on a single breath safe and how to connect with the underwater world. We provide courses based on the SSI (Scuba School International) standards.

The founders of the school are Tatiana Borisova and Aleksandra Borisova - mother and daughter and freediving instructors. We are in love with our profession and the ocean. We share with people our experience and knowledge of how to use our inner abilities to freedive and enjoy the magnificent underwater world.


SSI Freediving
Instructor trainer

SSI Freediving Instructor
Level 1

More than 350 sertifications at all levels

Artist, logo and desing maker for our DEEP PEOPLE  freediving school

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       I became a freediving instructor in April 2014. My SSI Instructor- Trainer was Static WR holder Lotta Ericson. She is an example for me in everything in my career as an Freediving instructor. After that i taught freediving in Russia in Primorye, the cities of Nakhodka and Vladivostok.

       In autumn 2014 I moved to Vietnam and since then I work as a freediving instructor in Nha Trang with my doughter Aleaksndra Borisova.

       My students are people who lead an active lifestyle, travel the world and expand their capabilities.  they all are now my friends in all countries of the world, people whom I have helped to discover in themselves the ability to dive with a breath hold and enjoy diving in the blue of the sea.

       I love the sea very much, I know that diving while holding breath is very natural for the human body. Human has special reflexes for this - the mammalian diving reflex MDR.  But, sometimes, he never uses these innate opportunities in his life.  Our body loves to hold our breath, helps us to stay underwater longer, experiences great pleasure from diving with one breath and heals during diving.

       Iam deeply convinced that every person can engage in freediving, regardless of age and abilities, you just need to sincerely want to expand your capabilities and let your mind and body use what nature has given you to dive into the mesmerizing blue of the endless Ocean.

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II grew up on the seashore and always dreamed of diving and observing the life of underwater inhabitants on the same conditions as them.  I passed SSI Freediving Course level 1 and 2 in Vietnam when my mother Tatiana Borisova became a freediving instructor in 2014.  At the beginning of 2015, I spent a month on Koh Tao, Tailand at the Blue Imershion freediving school, completed level 3 and an instructor course.  Since February 2015 I am a freediving instructor.  In teaching freediving to my students, i share with them my experience, knowledge and love of the sea.  Together we discover your ability to hold your breath and dive, move underwater like dolphins, enjoy the sounds and blue of the underwater world.

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