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Benefits of Training Tables

Improved Management of the Urge to Breathe and increased Relaxation

One major advantage of training tables is that they help you become more comfortable with longer breath holds, both on dry land and in the water.

With practice, you will become familiar with how higher CO2 levels cause the sensation known as the urge to breathe. As your familiarity increases, your breath-holds become less stressful.

Static tables allow you to focus solely on the breath hold, without exerting yourself physically.

Increased relaxation – static relaxation tables are specifically designed to help you find deeper relaxation, without worrying about feeling the urge to breathe.

Increased Tolerance to Lactic Acid

As your muscles work to propel you through the water, they consume oxygen faster than it can be replenished.

This effort causes lactic acid to accumulate in the muscle tissues, which creates a burning sensation in the muscles that are the most oxygen-deprived.

You can learn to manage the discomfort caused by lactic acid buildup, just like you do with the urge to breathe.

Walking apnea tables and dynamic tables increase your familiarity and tolerance with lactic acid buildup.

Using Dry Freediving Training to Continue Improving as a Freediver

Dry tables can be safely performed on land, removing the need for access to a pool/confined water training site, or any specialized freediving equipment.

Dry static tables can also be performed without a buddy, making them one of the few safe methods of breath-hold training that can be practiced anywhere without supervision, and therefore more often.

They provide a wider variety of training options, which increases your motivation and helps you avoid physical and mental fatigue from constant maximum attempts.

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