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    2-3 months

      If you dream of the blue sea and want to live next to the ocean, come to our lifechanging course from ZERO TO HERO.

      The duration of the course approximately 2-3 month, based on performance.  During the course, you will pass following  courses:

        - Freediveing Level 1, 2, 3,

      - Training Techniques course,

      - React Right course,

      - Master course,

      - Freediving Instructor course.  

      You will have the opportunity to dive in the sea and pool during courses and as assistant during the Master course, in order to obtain knowledge and skills with experienced Freediving Instructor Trainer.  The main goal is to  prepare you for successful completion of  all the standard requirements for the Instructor course. You will gain experience in organizing freediving sessions in the pool and open water, acquire knowledge of the proper freediving equipment.  During the course, you will dive the required number of freedive sessions to complete the Instructor Course.  After successful completion of the Instructor course, you will be able to work anywhere in the world as an internationally qualified freediving instructor of the 1st or 2nd level. You will be able to teach and certify students to dive up to 30-40 meters depth.


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