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No tank, only one breath...

Welcome to Deep People Freediving School

Freediving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. It allows us to explore the beauty and silence of the underwater world on a single breath, without any tanks. It’s an amazing way to interact with marine life, improve your health, get fit, travel around the world and make lifelong friends.
Freediving is an extreme sport based on the relaxation of our body and mind. You learn to listen to your body, to calm your mind and concentrate on the techniques. 
We train and certify at all levels according to the famous and well  recognized Scuba School International system, including the Instructor course.


SSI Freediver course (Level 1) - 250 USD     


Level 1 is 2-day basic course for everyone. From people with no experience in the water to those who feel confident in underwater world. This course is an important introduction to the amazing world of freediving.


Toon Ketels

(from TripAdvisor)


Just did my level 1 certification with Tatiana. I didn’t had much freediving experience before. She explained everything in a very relaxed and clear way. I never felt under pressure in the water. Enjoyed the experience and feel much more confident and safe in the water. Managed to dive 21 meters deep the day after certification. Had no idea that would be possible. Definitely come back to her for level 2.

  • Trip Advisor

Why Nha Trang, Vietnam?

Nha Trang has surprisingly comfortale conditions for practicing freediving  and mastering freediving skills. 

The depth ranges from 10 to 50 meters. Here we can conduct courses and freedive all year round.
The courses and fundive sessions take place in the marine park Hon Mun island, where corals are preserved and there are many interesting dive sites to explore. We can dive through caves of Madonna Rock, admire multicolored Coral Garden, freedive in beautiful slopes of the Lobster Reef.

There are no strong currents or winds in this region, therefore we can train with students at the depth required for the current course. It is much easier for beginners to learn new skills at depths of 10-20 meters, when they can see bottom and the shore close to the buoy.


LKK12, Duong 1D, Khu do thi bien An Vien, P, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam

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